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Poppa Pain is a Canadian breeder who has been associated with the industry for over 40 years.  He leans towards the Sativa hybrid strains. He has been working on CBD enriched strains for medicinal purposes, which will be offered in limited editions. All seeds were organically grown, absolutely no pesticides or chemical ferts and guaranteed fresh.  His original  GNetix strains will now be sold under the Poppa Pain Strain logo.  


AUTO New York City Deisel Auto-flowering strains flower in response to age rather than light cycle. Automatic AK47 will grow vegetatively for approximately 14 days then enter into a rapid, almost violent flowering period.  With a lifespan of a mere 62 days from seed to harvest it is not only possible to get an early harvest of high quality marijuana but multiple harvests per season.
3 seeds for $30
Average height: 36 inches
Average indoor yield: 50g/plant
Composition: Ruderalis 50% / Sativa 50%
Effect: relaxing
Genetics: Ruderalis x NYC Diesel
Indoor flowering time: 62 days
Average THC: 14%


BABY BLUE From our own medical Indica we call "Dougie" crossed with Blackberry, then crossed again with a Blueberry Kush, then backcrossed to the orignal Dougie.  Shorter stature and hard, fruity buds, tastes sweet.  REGULAR 10 seeds for $50


BLACK CINDY KUSH (C99 X Blackberry Kush) Sativa dominant , tends to be of medium height.  Sweet tasting, quite potent, fruity and smooth.  FEMINIZED. Price 5 seeds $50


BLACK DOMINA medium-sized and very compact that flowers very densely, producing few leaves between the buds. Abundant resin yields and very sweet and fruity taste and aroma.  Strain: Black Domina x Black Domina
Genetics: Mainly indica  Effect: very indica and medicinal  Harvest: 55-60 days
FEMINIZED 5 seeds $50

BRAIN CANDY (Blueberry X Strawberry Haze) Fruity, haze flavour starting with an energetic and uplifting effect followed by a calming physical and mental state.  Sativa dominant.  FEMINIZED  5 seeds for $50


BUBBA KUSH OG Kush and Bubblegum genetics.  Sweet, earthy Indica.  Very  popular tasty strain. Not a couch-lock variety.  Flowering time: 7 to 8 weeks   REGULAR  10 seeds for $50  


CRITICAL MED An experimental medicinal F1 strain bred with a combination of both high THC and an evenly balanced high level THC to CBD ratio cross.  Mostly sativa. 7 Weeks or more.  REGULAR seeds.  5 seeds for $25


DR. BUBBA KUSH Another creation using The Doctor crossed with Bubba Kush to produce a unique, sweet strain that moves throughout the body which makes it a good medical strain.  Flowering time: 7-8 weeks
REGULAR 10 seeds at $50  

GAMMA (Orange Skunk X Bubblegum) smooth, sweet and sticky.  Well balanced between body and mind effects.  Quite pleasant and potent.  Good for nausea.  REGULAR seeds.  5 seeds for $25.00


HAZY MED for those who like a little Haze in their medicine, this is another experimental F1 medicinal strain.  This is a CBD rich Haze strain crossed with a high THC sativa.  REGULAR.  5 seeds for $25

HIGH VOLTAGE  (Jack Herer X Lemon Haze) Very nice daytime smoke.  Totally cerebral, very sweet taste and after smoke is very pleasant and aromatic.  FEMINIZED.  5 seeds for $50

O'LICIOUS (Orange Skunk X Bubblicious) Created for medicinal value this strain is both cerebral with gentle physical effects.  Tastes on the sweet side with citrus undertones. Good for nausea.  REGULAR .  5 seeds for $25.


OG KUSH X BUBBA KUSH Good evening smoke, relaxing and mellow.  REGULAR 10 seeds at $50

ORANGE CANDY A cross between Orange Skunk and Cotton Candy.  A sativa dominent strain that will be 3 to 4 ft tall.  Nice girth on main cola with a citrusy yet spicy sweet aroma.  Smooth creeper.  Cerebral yet relaxing.  Good for stress and depression.  Not officially a cup winner but repeat customers tell us that it is a winner. REGULAR seeds. Packs of 5 seeds for $25 OR 10 seeds for $50


PINEAPPLE CHUNK (Cheese x Skunk #1)  The result is an extremely vigourous and stable plant. Mould and disease resistant.  Flowering to a beautiful conclusion in just 55 days. Its aroma of earthy Cheese X Skunk is backed up by a secondary scent of Pineapple. The taste is delicious and unique. Type: Indica Dominant  Flowering time: 55 to 60 days
FEMINIZED 5 seeds for $50 SOLD OUT

SOLAR FIRE (Lemon Haze X Amnesia Haze ) Smooth with sweet undertones on the inhale and leaves a sweet taste on the tongue on the exhale.  Mixture of haze strains.  Hard hitting and cerebral.  FEMINIZED 5 seeds for $50


THC BOMB Sativa Flowering time 50-55 days  Over 20% THC levels, does well outdoors.  Gets a 4 out of 5 stars on most reviews. Equal effects on head and body.  REGULAR 10 seeds for $50


WIDOW BOMB (THC Bomb x White Widow) FEMINIZED 5 seeds $50

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