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OASIS GENETICS AUTOFLOWERS  Over the last few years, autoflowering strains have blown up in popularity among new growers and veteran growers alike.  However, with this popularity comes a plethora of genetics that are overwhelming in a world of limitless options. After monitoring the popularity of specific autoflowering strains and extensive experimentation, several industry experts got together to narrow down the best quality autoflowering genetics available, and Oasis Genetics was born.

AK 74 (AK X Low Ryder) Just as it’s name would suggest, our Auto AK74 is a redesign of reliable classic!
Coming from a background of various sativa genetics from the world over, we have crossed our AK with a Low Ryder to create this energetic autoflowering strain.  The Auto AK74 should grow to maturity in around 8 weeks at a height of roughly 1metre. Overall, this strain requires very little maintenance.  Auto AK74 would be a perfect choice for beginners and experienced gardeners alike, producing a heft yield of dense indica-like bud, but is mostly Sativa
Feminized 4 seed pack $50

AURORA BOREALIS (Northern Lights X Lowryder) is, without doubt, a sight to behold!
We hand picked our very best Northern Lights phenos and crossed them with select Low Ryder breeding partners to help create this aromatic, resinous strain.
Flowering in only 7 weeks, expect the Auto Aurora Borealis to stretch to nearly 1 metre, producing hefty, trich-glistening colas throughout all of it’s branches.
The considerable yields and relaxing effects of these heirloom genetics make the Auto Aurora Borealis a great choice for any garden.
FEMINIZED AUTO 4 seed pack $50

BLUEBERRY If you are looking for a heavy, long lasting indica strain, the Auto BerryBlue might be for you.
The Auto BerryBlue has been made possible by bringing together heirloom Blueberry genetics with our Lowryder to bring out her autoflowering characteristics.  Auto BerryBlue tends to be a quite vigorous flowering roughly 7-9 weeks and despite the lack of colour present, the plant more than makes up for it in Berry taste and aroma.  Auto BerryBlue is a great choice for experienced and novice growers alike, producing cannabis that is well known for its strong medicinal benefits, including mood stabilization.
FEMINIZED AUTO 4 seed pack $50

CHEM OG (Chem OG X Lowryder)  Here to bring back that old school flavour is the Auto Chem OG!
The Auto Chem OG is a fusion of the classic west coast phenos that have been so prevalent throughout America crossed with a Low Ryder to bring out the autoflowering characteristics.  
Flowering in only 55-60 days, you can expect the Auto Chem OG to produce a compact, resinous plant with that famous fuel/chem smell and taste.  
Experience the OG for yourself and find out why the these chem genetics have become a mainstay in many enthusiasts’ gardens.
FEMINIZED AUTO 4 seed pack $50

EMPORER J (Jack Herer x Ruderalis) Named for the legendary author and cannabis activist, Jack Herer, we proudly bring to you Auto Emperor J.  By bringing together our Jack Herer and Ruderalis, we were able to produce a fast-flowering, well-balanced, sativa-dominant hybrid that will creep up on you.
Finishing within 8-10 weeks, you can expect the Auto Emperor J to grow to moderate height, producing a remarkable yield for an autoflower at up to 450gr/m2.
With it’s sativa-dominant genetics, Auto Emperor J is a great choice for anybody who may be looking for some inspiration or a more productive, uplifting strain.
FEMINIZED AUTO 4 seed pack $50

GYPSY WIDOW (White Widow X Lowryder#2) High potency paired with long lasting effect makes the Auto Gypsy Widow truly spellbinding.  
We took our selected White Widow Pheno and refined it through breeding then crossing it with a Lowryder #2 to bring out the Gypsy Widow’s autoflowering characteristics.
Flowering in around 8 weeks, the Auto Gypsy Widow will produce a good yield for an autoflowering variety and shares the effect that has made the parenting genetics a main stay in many gardens the world over.  
We highly recommend trying out the Auto Gypsy Widow if you are looking for a powerful sativa with both euphoric and stimulating effects well-suited to daytime use or any other time you would like to remain focused or channel your creativity.
FEMINIZED AUTO 4 seed pack $50

LEMON DROP Interested in adding a little “zing” to your garden?Look no further!
Auto Lemon Drop completes its life cycle within 9 weeks of germination and flowers at 3 weeks.With 18 hours of light, indoor growers can expect a yield of up to 500 gr/m2.  
It will still flower with as little as 12 hours/day of light, although it should be noted that this will affect the size of the yield.Outdoors, Super Lemon Drop will produce about 70-80 grams per plant.  
The effect of Auto Lemon drop is clear and uplifting with a complex Sativa effect that is highly cerebral in nature.
FEMINIZED AUTO 4 seed pack $50

NL X BB (Northern Lights X Big Bud) With a yield and potency on this level, people will find it hard to believe that it’s autoflowering, presenting the Auto NL x BB.
By combining the mythical genetics of the Northern Lights, Big Bud, and Ruderalis, we are able to produce this massive, resinous autoflower complete with an invitingly fruity aroma.
Flowering times should fall at around 55 days, the Auto NL x BB will grow to a maximum of 170cm with a remarkable yield for an autoflower of up to 450gr/m2 indoors.
With it’s indica-dominant genetics, the Auto NL x BB is a great choice for experienced and amateur gardeners alike, producing large yields of aromatic resinous bud.
FEMINIZED AUTO 4 seeds $50  Out of Stock

PK As fragrant as it is beautiful, we have the Auto PK.  
Auto PK is an amalgamation of Hindu Kush and the Purple Afghani, breeding an autoflowering purple kush variety whose reputation succeeds itself in terms of aroma, potency, and taste.
Flowering in around 8-9 weeks you can expect the Auto PK to exhibit typical indica traits such as staying squat with heavy side branching with tight node spacing producing dense, resinous buds.
Auto PK having such high THC content makes it a perfect strain to combat the effects of things like anxiety and insomnia while maintaining that legendary bag appeal and taste.
FEMINIZED AUTO 4 seed pack $50

ULTRA MASS (Critical Mass X Low Ryder) We chose our favoured Critical Mass pheno and crossed it with a Low Ryder to create this hearty autoflowering variety.
Expect the Auto NP Ultra Mass to be a fairly large sized autoflowering plant with rapid growth, very tight buds, and internodal spacing thanks to the Critical genetics.
With the Indica-dominant genetics and medium CBD content, you can expect the Auto NP Ultra Mass to ease the effects of anxiety, stress, and pain.
FEMINIZED 4 seed pack $50

UK CHEESE Don’t let the aroma fool you - there’s no Stilton involved, just our pungent Auto UK Cheese!
Crafted with care by combining our selected UK Cheese Pheno and crossing it with a Low Ryder to bring out the autoflowering characteristics of this aromatic hybrid.
Finishing in around 8 weeks, we suggest (where possible) dropping the temperatures of the Auto UK Cheese slightly to allow for some dense, voluminous buds with a tinge of purple.
With a near perfect combination of Indica/Sativa genetics, you can expect the Auto UK Cheese to provide you with a very well balanced psychoactive and physical effect.
FEMINIZED AUTO 4 seed pack $50 Restocked

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