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Crowned Best Seed bank at Spannabis 2014, the cannabis seed company Dutch Passion was founded in 1987 in Amsterdam. Dutch Passion produce premium quality cannabis seeds in the Netherlands.  
Dutch Passion are well known for their sophistication and quality, this reputation is based on their mastery of the science of breeding. One of Dutch Passion’s breakthroughs was the feminisation of cannabis seeds. The Dutch Passion line of feminized cannabis seeds now offers many such strains. The Dutch Passion breeders concern themselves with creating and preserving quality, and their varieties have won many prizes in cannabis cup competitions.

OUTDOOR MIX #1  contains the following 6 Outdoor Seeds:  
2 x Frisian Dew®  
1st prize High Life Holland 2008   (50% Indica, 50% Sativa).
A Super Skunk female x Purple Star male. Light purple colour. Very high yielder, very good stem to leave ratio.  Not susceptible to mold. Absolute premium quality outdoor strain.

2 x Passion #1®
Indica dominant.  It is one of the best outdoor varieties a available anywhere.  
Height 2m - 3.5m.  Yield 250g to 750g.   It is NOT for the indoor grower.  We have measured THC levels approaching
20% making this a genuinely satisfying selection for your outdoor garden or greenhouse.

2 x Shaman®  
(75 % sativa - 25 % indica)  A proven variety dating back to the1980's, Shaman is a reliable, robust and highly potent F1 hybrid of an exceptional male Purple#1 and a top female Skunk. Resistant to spidermites as well as mould and bud rot.  Shaman is a distinctive, elegant plant. Complete by the end of September or early October outdoors. In a greenhouse, takes 7-8 weeks.  OUT OF STOCK

OUTDOOR MIX#2  contains the following 6 Outdoor Seeds:
2 x Hollands Hope® 2 x Durban Poison® 2 x Frisian Dew®

AUTO COLORADO COOKIES® (AutoBlueberry X Girl Scout Cookies)
Coming from Colorado with some of the strongest indica-dominant auto genetics we have found so far. This is a USA autoflowering variety combining a delicious fruity flavour with typical Dutch Passion extreme potency and yields which are significantly above average.  The genetics came from our original best-selling AutoBlueberry and an exceptional Girl Scout Cookie cutting from Colorado, famed for a heavy indica stone with a sweet tropical mango taste.  
The hybridisation retains a strong fruity aroma as well as the intense feel-good high from the Girl Scout Cookies. The freedom to grow legally without restrictions in Colorado has enabled some truly excellent genetics to emerge with incredible taste, aroma and potency. This variety will suit indica fans looking for potent USA genetics with fruity flavours and very relaxed after-effects.  
11 weeks from seed to harvest.  7 seed pack for $95

AUTO MAZAR  AutoMazar® is a high performance AutoFem, she is robust and easy to grow. She is also a reliable producer of great quality cannabis whether grown in soil, coco fibre or a hydro system. AutoMazar® delivers a genuinely strong and long lasting high. This is one of the most consistent AutoFems ever created and remains Dutch Passion’s best selling AutoFem for all the right reasons.
Indica dominant, 10 weeks from seed to harvest.  
7 seed pack for $90

AUTO Think Different is the real surprise package in the Dutch Passion AutoFem collection. She has quickly established a great reputation for stunning yields and very strong weed. Even first time growers have achieved over 100g/plant and experienced growers can achieve 200g-300g+. She can grow over 1m tall in experienced hands and is a good alternative to traditional varieties, offering bumper harvests of strong cannabis just 10-11 weeks after seed germination. The genetics come from a special AK47 hybrid known as AK420.  Indoors she has the potential to yield up to 500g/m² especially in ‘scrog’ systems with powerful lights. She joined our list of best sellers just one year after she was released and has created a following of AutoFem growers who refuse to grow anything else. Serious growers like you should try growing this at least once!
10 to 11 weeks seed to harvest with XXL production.  SATIVA DOMINANT.  16-18% THC  7 seed pack $90  SOLD OUT

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