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"D" and "A" originating out of Hollywood, California, having collected many exotic seeds from friends, family moved to cannabis friendly Amsterdam and founded DNA Genetics in 2004.  D&A figured out the perfect name for their seed company. It would be their initials and the basis of every living thing. Keeping it simple, DNA Genetics was born.
Since then they have been known for the creation of many strains of medicinal cannabis seeds. In just over 8 years, DNA has won over 50 awards from prestigious cannabis events in several countries.

HOLY GRAIL KUSH  (Kosher Kush X OG 18)
DNA presents the cannabis community with the 2 time Cannabis Cup Champion, Kosher Kush, crossed with the Multi-Champion strain, The OG #18, bringing you... The Holy Grail Kush!  The Holy Grail is great for the beginner as well as the Master grower. The experienced growers can take her to the limit, pushing the nutrient uptake to the very edge and being rewarded with insanely aromatic plants with the strength and yield not to be matched!  Far out performing ALL other entries in 2011 HTCC to take First place with a first ever perfect score!! Now the world can try The Holy Grail Kush! 1st Hybrid HT Cannabis Cup 2011 2nd Indoor Hydro Spannabis 2012  Flowering Time: 9 weeks  Yield: 500-650g/m2
FEMINIZED 6 seed pack $110 Out of Stock

R.K.S. aka ROAD KILL SKUNK (Afghani x Columbian x Thai) If you're looking for that stinky, sticky green that smells like a skunk, this would be the strain for you. High calyx to leaf ratio and good yields makes the R.K.S. the perfect plant to grow indoors or out. She will finish in the first week of October outside, and if this strain is grown inside, good carbon filtration is a must because she will stink. She's got a great old school flavor with a high that is up and very strong.
60% Sativa : 40% Indica   Flowering Time: 8-9 Weeks   Yield: 400   Height: Tall  DNA's GYO collection.
FEMINIZED 6 seed pack $80 Out of Stock

SOUR CREAM  (Sour Diesel Heirloom x G13 Haze)   70% Sativa : 30% Indica
Flowering Time: 10 Weeks Yield: 500-600g/m2  FEMINIZED Pack of 6 $70

Sweet Haze (Skunk X Haze X Cannalopehaze)   This plant has Haze!!!! She is a tall one, but not airy like a haze, she managed to keep the yield of the Cannalope with a haze bite. We see quite a mix with this one, some tall some huge but all have the classic "Haze" flavor.  Variety: 90% sativa  Harvest Date: October-November  Flowering Period: 9+ weeks
FEMINIZED 5 seed pack for $75 SOLD OUT

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